No Opinions Allowed

Have you ever been in a place, physically or just in life, that you aren’t allowed to have your own feelings or opinions?  You know, where people want you to speak up but when you do, you are scrutinized because your opinions are deemed “illegitimate” for whatever reason they THINK?  It really puts you in a tough place. Especially when you think you’ve done everything the right way.  You got a higher education, started your career right out of college, and have been decently successful at it.  But, no matter what you do or how you act, it’s just not good enough for people to treat you the way they want to be treated?

I’m not going to lie, there may be a lot that comes out here.  I have SO much on my mind today.  A lot of thoughts have been circling in my head lately.

I started blogging because from what I found, it is a safe place.  There are tons of people in the blogosphere with thousands of opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.  And its OKAY.  That is what I love about it.  Yeah, you may not agree with things that people say or do, how they live their lives, or the opinions they bring to your posts. But it’s okay.  You people don’t let disagreeing with someone turn into rage and arguments or talking down to each other like each other’s opinions are invalid.  Maybe I’m wrong about this whole thing-or maybe I don’t read enough.  I know so many people who are okay with other people having a different view of something and they don’t let that get in the way of how they treat them. I also know a lot more people who are opposite.  If your thoughts and opinions are different from theirs you get a big “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” No matter your life experience, professional abilities, or how you treat them. You don’t get to have that opinion.

Yesterday was inauguration day.  In the United States of America this brought on a lot of emotions and opinions from people all across the country.  But guess what?  That same thing happens every four years.  Yeah, no kidding! Every time a major decision like this is made people either agree or disagree.  It’s life.  It’s how our minds were created. They were created to think freely and openly.  Thanks to this free country of ours we have the ability to do so as we wish.  But how do we react when others do the same?  Back to yesterday– I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a video.  Since I have a full-time job I was not able to watch all of the festivities that took place. So every post I saw, I took the time to watch, listen, and read. I mean it is a big day for our country. Every four years, no matter the outcome of the polls, our country goes through a major day in history.  The video I happened upon this time really saddened me.  I’m sure everyone has seen it by now.  The one with the protestors smashing out windows of businesses and rioting up and down the streets.

It made me sad for many reasons.  One being that it didn’t surprise me. It seems that is what we (our country) do when we don’t get our way.  Another being this is why my students and children all over the country act the way they do today.  They are taught to throw a fit when they don’t get their way, and they won’t be punished for it.  And lastly, I don’t want to raise my own (future) children in a place where this is acceptable.  I know, I know, the arguments– “nobody’s perfect,”  “that’s life,” “that’s just how our world is today.” But my question is why do we (citizens of the United States of America) allow it to be deemed “okay?”  Why do we continue to just shrug our shoulders and say, “They’ll get over it eventually.”

This is what was going on through my mind when I decided to click the “share” button attached to that Facebook video yesterday.  But of course, I couldn’t just share.  I had to write my thoughts down.  I truly thought putting my opinion on that post would not be a big deal.  I thought, “I know all of my ‘friends’ on here. It’ll be okay.”  I did not allude to discuss my opinions of our new president.  I’ve never even told anybody (except my husband) who I voted for.  I don’t think it really matters to share those thoughts.  I simply put out my opinion of what was happening in the video.  I mean what else does everybody do on Facebook, right?  Wrong.

Because of people who have not known me my entire life are on my Facebook, they decided to assume I wasn’t fit for sharing those thoughts the way I did.  Boy did they let me know about it!  It just got me to thinking last night and today.  Since when do we get to decide whose opinions are acceptable?  What makes us qualified to hear someone’s viewpoint, disagree, and hatefully let them know how stupid we think they are?  From what I continually hear on the news, social media, movies, TV shows, and just people I know: it’s because they aren’t a millennial.  I am.  Because of that older generations seem to think what I do or think is completely stupid and irrelevant.  Just about every stereotype of a millenial I have ever heard, I do not meet. Yes, there are some that I do.  I mean come on, who doesn’t like a good selfie?  I’m just using the things the older generations have invented to the best of my abilities. Ha!

Anyways, all the way back up to my initial question.  I honestly feel like because of my age and how I live my life has affected the way others listen to me.  Nobody takes me seriously. My thoughts essentially do not matter. Not because people have explicitly said, “I don’t care what you have to say,” but because of their reactions to what is said.  The things they say are hurtful and do nothing but tear someone like me apart.  If we could all just be okay knowing that people in the world think differently and still treat them with dignity and respect, heck, our country might just make an awesome turn around.

But–what do I know? 


For what it’s worth: Let the record show… Neither Trump or Clinton were my choices. LOL


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