Who does she think she is?


Who am I?

Just a small town girl. I’m growing up in the south. Growing up? Yes. I’m 24 and still growing up. I don’t know everything. I’m okay with that, sometimes.

I love my family more than anything, except Jesus. He has had my heart since I was in the fourth grade. I love traveling, binge watching Netflix (mostly Grey’s and Gilmore Girls), coffee, music, and comfort. Comfort is a big one. Your typical “white girl” of today? Probably, yes, some would say so.


I am not the smartest person in the world. Nor do I care to be. But I am definitely not the dumbest either. I went to college. I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education. God allowed me to meet the love of my life, here on earth, through my journey in college. We finally married in 2015. I became a teacher the same year. Now, here I am.


I struggle, a lot. I think that is what has brought me here. Trying to deal with everything that encompasses my brain. I am 99.9% sure that most people who are blogging today, are doing the same. They are trying to have a voice when it seems to them they don’t actually have one. Anxiety is what I’m talking about. I am also 100% sure that most people who will identify with this blog feel the same and most people will say, “oh, it’s one of THOSE blogs.” “She’s just another one of THOSE girls.” Whatever. It’s okay. I know. That’s what anxiety does. It takes over. You care about everything way too much. You overthink, over complicate, and over exaggerate. You cannot control or dismiss anything. Sometimes. Sometimes, you’re okay.

I just need a place. A place to let it out. Somewhere that people deal with it, without having to cause an argument that isn’t necessary, or make people feel awkward, or myself feel awkward. A place where it is okay to be comfortable or uncomfortable. If you don’t care.. then don’t. Don’t read about my life. Don’t read my thoughts. Don’t comment on my thoughts. Let me be.


What will come of this?

I don’t know! This will be my unknown journey because, well, I don’t know what each day brings, and neither do you! Jesus, food, teacher thoughts, wifey thoughts; I never know what will stress me out or bring great joy each day or hour of each day. It just happens. I am learning to cope. I do know that I want to grow from this. I want readers to grow from this. My hope is that from this, each blog post, I will see what God wants me to. I hope to grow a little through each post to see what He wants me to do, what He says is true and good. Hopefully, readers will as well. I am praying that through this somebody will grow to know Jesus better. That somebody will want to serve better. Maybe it is you, maybe it is me. We shall see!


Does this make sense at all? I have no idea! If not, that is perfectly fine. If so, fabulous! Here’s to blogging!


6 thoughts on “Who does she think she is?

  1. Thank you for sharing, and welcome to the bloggersphere. I sense the excitement in your words to get things off your chest and celebrate and unload. This is a great space for that, I’m glad that you have decided to give a voice to your thoughts and feelings, in this space there will be people who can relate and people who can learn from your experiences. Who knows where your headed, but youve taken the first steps and thats what counts.

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  2. I found you on community pool HEY!
    First off, welcome to WP. This was a nice insight to who you are and why you planned to do this. I hope you enjoy your journey on here. xD
    Have a great day.

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