I want to take a biblical look at frustration.  As a mom, a sister, daughter, wife, Christian, and friend there are many things that frustrate me in this world.  Too often do I find my thoughts focused on something that I’m frustrated with.  More times than not, it’s over something I have zero control over.… Continue reading Frustration


Another Unknown

It’s starting to look like I’m a “once every 6 months” type of gal when it comes to writing. *sigh*  I wish it weren’t this way.  I wish every time I had all of these thoughts up in my head I could just sit in a quiet spot and let it all out.  But then… Continue reading Another Unknown


Life Changes

It has been a VERY long time since I have posted.  Almost six months exactly.  I finally decided to give it a go again.  A LOT has changed since my last post. I would love to share, so I will. My last post, the obnoxious rant, I had no idea what was about to change… Continue reading Life Changes


No Opinions Allowed

Have you ever been in a place, physically or just in life, that you aren’t allowed to have your own feelings or opinions?  You know, where people want you to speak up but when you do, you are scrutinized because your opinions are deemed “illegitimate” for whatever reason they THINK?  It really puts you in… Continue reading No Opinions Allowed


Marriage Talk

In 2016 my husband and I decided that for Christmas we were not going to do the gift thing anymore. Neither one of us is big on buying presents for people. It’s just not our love language. Which works out great with us being married and all! Really, it is just more stressful than it… Continue reading Marriage Talk


Who does she think she is?

Who am I? Just a small town girl. I’m growing up in the south. Growing up? Yes. I’m 24 and still growing up. I don’t know everything. I’m okay with that, sometimes. I love my family more than anything, except Jesus. He has had my heart since I was in the fourth grade. I love… Continue reading Who does she think she is?